Buhler – Versatile Tractor Hood

Project Description

The purpose of this project was to evaluate Manitoba sourced hemp combined with non-Manitoba sourced agave fibre in an industrial application. These fibres when co-mingled are to act as reinforcements in combination with thermoset resin systems for infusion and RTM-light exterior body panels, such as the hood, for various tractor models manufactured by Buhler Industries.

Currently, the featured Versatile tractor components are manufactured from fibreglass. This project will incorporate activities for new product development of the Versatile tractor by Buhler Industries and will include scientific development required for state-of-the-art biocomposite adoption into the product line. The proposed biomaterial parts will be made of a composite hemp-agave biofibre with fibreglass reinforcement.

The CIC and Buhler Industries recognize this as a unique opportunity for farmers to literally “grow their own tractors” and demonstrate a “made in North America” solution. Development of a supply chain to support industrial applications of biofibre use will be critical to the future industrial uptake of this technology.