Our Projects

We’re a driven team focused on using our capabilities to help our clients achieve their goals and advance technologies in order to help provide a competitive advantage.


Below are a few select projects we’ve worked on.

Manitoba-Normandy Flax Variety Comparison

Linen flax has been successfully grown in Europe, such as in Normandy, France, to produce long line fibres used in textile and high-value applications such as composite materials. Linen flax is not generally grown in Manitoba and it is unknown how the properties will compare to the Normandy-grown material given that Canada experiences a much shorter and drier growing season. The purpose of the project was to compare the properties of flax grown in Normandy, France and Manitoba, Canada to understand how the typical material grown in France, grows in Manitoba.

Investigating the Interface of Natural Fibre Resin Composites

The use of natural fibres in composites is continually growing, but despite the progression, a lot of barriers still exist such as the poor mechanical performance of natural fibres and existing resin systems. Natural fibres tend to absorb moisture and bond best to resins of similar composition. The issue is that resins currently used in composites are optimized for glass and carbon fibres and do not bond well to natural fibres. This issue leads to poor mechanical performance.

Fibre Composite and Biomatrix (FiCoGEN) Project

In partnership with Genome Prairie, the University of Manitoba, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Westward Industries, the Composites Innovation Centre and FibreCITY are working towards fully bio-based parts for automotive applications with the Fibre Composite and Biomatrix (FiCoGEN) project.