Who is FibreCITY?

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are taking the everyday natural materials, such as flax and hemp, and making it possible to manufacture vehicles, buildings and other consumer products out of them. We are redefining the materials industry by making the creation of sustainable materials a reality.


FibreCITY is an initiative of the Composites Innovation Centre.

We are:

  • Discoverers
  • Innovators
  • Visionaries
  • Pioneers
  • Revolutionaries

Industry Clients

With our services, the FibreCITY team works with industry to help them get a complete and hollistic understanding of the materials they are working with.


What do we do?

We work with:

  • Breeders

    We are looking at the genetics of the seeds to determine which are best suited to grow crops with desired characteristics such as strength or density.

  • Farmers

    We are looking at the growing conditions of crops to be able to help farmers grow crops suitable for manufacturing products with them.

  • Material Producers

    We are looking at the physical and chemical properties of biofibres to determine which are best used for different applications.

  • Industry

    We are looking at how existing products are designed and how those can be adapted to use the biofibre material instead of a non-renewable material.

  • Manufacturers

    We are looking at how products are manufactured and how those processes can be adapted for biofibre-based products.

  • The Materials Industry

    We are looking at the entire materials industry to revolutionize the use of biofibres and green technologies in new and existing markets.

Why are we doing this?

We want to answer an ancient problem – how do we make progress without damaging our planet?

We are doing this to unlock nature’s potential to reshape the materials industry, our planet and our lives.

We are doing this to engineer confidence in new, renewable materials and technologies for our society.

Where are we going?

We will set the standards for the new bioeconomy – not just in Canada but also around the world.

We will build the next generation of sustainable vehicles, buildings and consumer products.

We will form a unique network of technologies and experts to advance the global materials industry.